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Selecting a Commercial HVAC Contractor

Commercial HVAC Contractor

Ready to to update or service your furnace or air conditioner? Selecting the right commercial HVAC contractor for the job is key.

If you’ve already begun your search, you know there are many options. Large companies, small businesses and individual HVAC contractors all provide varying claims of success and guarantees for your satisfaction. Are they all good options? How do you sift through them and select the best HVAC contractor for your building’s system?

Use these guidelines to ensure that you are selecting a commercial HVAC contractor that will ensure your success as a facility or building manager.

Experience that Translates to Success: 

HVAC contractors often emphasize their experience, but it’s important to determine the quality and type of experience that will directly impact the success of your building’s needs.

Most websites will identify a number of years in the industry. That’s important, but look beyond the numbers for the differentiators of their experience and expertise. Experience that highlights the company’s approach to projects can help determine if they are the right fit for your building’s needs. For example, Integrate Comfort Systems (ICS) is a commercial HVAC company in New York and New Jersey who emphasizes their commitment to completing projects on time and under budget. Use these differentiators to evaluate the company’s success beyond their years in the industry.

As you qualify the HVAC contractor’s experience, also look for an on-going commitment to training and certifications.

Valuable Certifications and Training:

The HVAC industry is constantly evolving with new technologies and best practices for reliable, efficient and cost effective solutions. It’s critical to your building’s success that the commercial HVAC service technician has training and certifications in the industry’s latest technologies. Hiring a contractor who is staying current will help you stay ahead of the curve.

Your HVAC contractor should be able to recommend creative solutions that will elevate the operation of your system. You’ll be able to identify ways to improve upon your building’s efficiency and provide suggestions to reduce costs with innovative solutions. Select a company with knowledge in current HVAC technologies to improve tenant satisfaction, lower utility costs, and reduce reliance on your internal maintenance teams.

Additionally, every building is not the same and neither is their HVAC system. Diverse training in maintenance and installations on a variety of systems ensures your HVAC meets the unique needs of your building. Look in the company’s online HVAC project portfolio to explore the HVAC contractors range of experience.

Last, but certainly not least, you’ll want to make sure the commercial HVAC contractor is responsive and easy to contact.

Accessibility and Client Communication:

Looking for a new installation, on-going maintenance or an emergency service? Selecting a commercial HVAC service technician with great client communication is crucial. Look for a contact us page with an easy to submit form and clickable links to immediately call or email. This will showcase the company’s dedication to accessible contact information that streamlines the process and makes communicating as frictionless as possible.

Are you embarking on a new installation or complex HVAC project? You’ll definitely want to know the HVAC contractor process and how they will provide updates and communicate progress. Accessibility to this information will ensure that you can always relay the information as needed throughout the process. An online project management software will keep you in the loop with critical information at your fingertips. That includes information like project status, milestones, photos, notes, contracts and billing information.

Select your Commercial HVAC Contractor:

These are some of the elements of a good HVAC contractor. Use these in your search and identify a company that delivers the best results for your building’s unique needs.

ICS has decades of experience installing and servicing virtually any type of HVAC related equipment and duct work. Our emphasis in energy-efficient heating and cooling systems will help reduce costs and maximize comfort. Contact ICS today for your HVAC service or installation.