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Improve Comfort In Commercial Buildings with Smart Zoning

Commercial A/C

Having the ability to monitor and control temperature levels is essential for any building manager. The happiness of employees directly affects performance and productivity in the office. One of the biggest influencing factors in office productivity is dependent upon temperature, making it vital to have an effective HVAC system in place.

Why? When a workplace is either too hot or too cold, it becomes a problem for not just the employees, but ultimately the success of the business.

Is Your HVAC System Operating at Peak Efficiency?

While you might think everything is working fine with your current HVAC system setup, that might not be the case. The revolution in heating and cooling commercial buildings is astonishing. Many commercial buildings are set up for one type of office layout initially, but as tenants come and go the use of that building changes. The result is that you might be an HVAC system designed for an open concept office layout, but is now trying to function in a space that’s been converted to dozens of closed-in private offices.

In the past the only way to correct a poorly utilized and inefficient HVAC system was to implement a complete zoning restructure of the whole unit. Traditional zoning is an expensive and invasive process that costs thousands of dollars and disrupts the whole office as HVAC professionals rip apart the ceilings to restructure and reconfigure the system. For those who don’t have the time or money to spend on traditional zoning efforts, you’re not out of luck since smart zoning, made possible with Emme Room-by-Room technology, is now an available option for commercial businesses.

Smart Zoning & Commercial HVAC Systems

Smart zoning is a simple and cost-effective solution to maintain the comfort and productivity of your employees. Facilities managers and building operators now have the ability to address whole building issues such as thermal dynamics and solar loading, while also addressing personal temperature preference issues. With smart controllers in every room, dampers controlling every vent, and a sophisticated master control system, managing temperature levels in your building has never been easier, or less expensive.

Implementing smart zoning is a non-invasive method that doesn’t require restructuring any of the original HVAC framework. A simple damper is installed in each vent to properly manage the airflow. The dampers then connect with the interface panel that’s controlled through the central control unit. A control unit can be installed in each room to adjust each specific room temperature on demand. Now everyone can say goodbye to dangerous space heaters, and bulky box fans taking up space in the office.

While you sit back and relax knowing everyone in the building is comfortable, and able to keep their personal space at the temperature they like, you can have peace of mind knowing it’s not costing any extra money. You might think that allowing every employee to control their own heat and air conditioning would drive utility costs through the roof, but smart zoning technology actually reduces energy usage by up to 40%.

It’s time to stop making your employees suffer though days at the office trying to deal with the ever changing hot and cold temperature spots in the office. Contact Integrate Comfort Systems to find out how to solve your HVAC temperature problems with smart zoning.