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High-Quality Heat Pumps in Belleville, NJ

If you wish to get rid of your oil or gas heat or want to have a secondary unit for heat supplements, then heat pumps are your best answer. ICS provides a range of heat pumps in Belleville, NJ designed to be more efficient in providing warmth and cooling to your building.

These units are environment-friendly and cost-effective when compared to traditional heating systems. Plus, you can be qualified for incentives and rebates too.

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Alternative and Better Ways to Heat Your Building

Researchers from U.C. Davis published a study in Energy Policy showing that a typical U.S. home can cut its heating-related climate pollution by 45% – 72% by swapping out a gas or oil-fired furnace for an efficient, all-electric heat pump.

Heat pumps offer an energy-efficient alternative to furnaces and air conditioners for all climates. They use the outside air to heat a home and cool it in the summer. Heat pumps can reduce your electricity bills by up to 40% compared to standard electric resistance heaters. Therefore, switching to these units is a win-win situation for both you and the environment.

Why Are Heat Pumps So Energy-Efficient?

There are a few reasons that heat pumps offer better energy efficiency compared to furnaces and central air conditioners.

Heat pumps don’t really “heat” or “cool” the air. Instead, they “pump” warm or cool air from one area of your home to another. This method of heat “transfer” is much more efficient than simply heating or cooling your home.

When a heat pump is in “cooling” mode, it’s taking heat from the warm air inside your home, and allowing it to be released outside into the atmosphere. Conversely, when your home is being heated, it’s taking cooler air from outside the home, heating it, and releasing it indoors.

In both of these cases, the heat pump can use the heat that already exists in the air to provide heating or cooling power. This means that the air in your home is never heated more than necessary, leading to incredible efficiency.

Why You Should Go Electric Using a Heat Pump?

Heat pumps are powered by electricity, meaning they use less energy than traditional heating and cooling systems. This translates into significant savings on your energy bills. As time passes, the costs of other fuel sources, like natural gas and oil, can increase. But electricity has remained relatively stable over the last few years.

So You Want A Heat Pump, Now What?

Some contractors have an issue with heat pumps because they are not as forgiving as gas furnaces. It takes more effort to install heat pumps properly, as they don’t have loads of extra capacity. They require more knowledge and more training. We bet you have already had contractors come in and tell you something like this “Oh, heat pumps don’t work in our climate.”

At ICS, we understand how to properly determine the heat loss of your building, specify the correct type and size of heat pump and guarantee its performance.

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We have completed thousands of projects where we eliminate other sources of heat and electrify the building where heat pumps are the primary sources of heat. As a by-product of heat pump installation, we save people thousands of dollars in heating utility costs.

We have been involved in the pioneering of heat pump technology ever since true cold weather heat pumps and VRF systems were introduced in the United States. We have a true engineering backbone and years of experience and data to ensure a properly designed system. We can also guide you throughout the process of fully taking advantage of the programs, such as Federal Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) and the High-Efficiency Electric Home Rebate Act (HEEHRA) to save money on heat pump installation costs.

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