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HVAC Cooling Tower: Ruppert & Yorkville Towers

Integrate Comfort Systems is pleased to announce the completion of its installation of two HVAC cooling towers and associated pumps at the Ruppert and Yorkville towers on the Upper East Side of Manhattan.

Installation of HVAC cooling towers and pumps in Belleville, NJ

About the Company
The Tower Condominium Association and RY Management is a leading, full service property management firm. In an effort to prevent the spread of Legionnaires’ disease, they chose Integrate Comfort Systems (ICS) for our ability to deliver projects with quality and precision on-time and within budget.
About the Project

ICS acted as the prime contractor on the project, hiring the electrical subcontractor and the controls sub-specialty vendor in providing a turn-key, retrofit solution. The technologies installed included a 120 ton and a 20 ton hybrid adiabatic cooling tower manufactured by Nimbus Advanced Process Cooling. This technology exceeds regulations aimed at preventing the spread of Legionnaires’ disease, which often occurs with traditional evaporative cooling systems that are common breeding grounds for Legionella.
The adiabatic cooling systems eliminate standing water in favor of a fully closed coolant path, and the intermittent use of fresh water to augment the system’s cooling capacity only on the hottest days of the year. The system releases a fine water spray into the air prior to the air being pulled over the copper cooling tubes – lowering the air temperature and increasing the heat rejection capacity of the unit.
The control system cycles individual fans as process water temperature dictates, and ultimately activates a fine spray of water when required. During the colder months, water spray activation is not required and the unit operates as a dry air cooler — eliminating sump freezing and dangerous ice buildup common with traditional fluid coolers.

We chose ICS due to our long-term relationship and the fact they’re easy to work with. But more importantly, we have the utmost confidence in their craftsmanship and reliability.

Diana Bosnjak – CPM, Vice President at RY Management

ICS has experience with state-of-the-art HVAC technology to prevent the spread of dangerous bacteria, like Legionella. Contact ICS for an HVAC cooling tower and pump consultation for your property.

What is an HVAC Cooling Tower?
An HVAC cooling tower makes it possible to distribute waste heat through the cooling of a water stream to a lower temperature. Cooling towers either use water evaporation to remove process heat and cool the working fluid or rely exclusively on air for cooling. Most HVAC cooling towers are relatively small roof-top units that are installed on or near buildings to discharge heat from air conditioning systems.

Installation of HVAC cooling towers and pumps in Belleville, NJ
Installation of HVAC cooling towers and pumps in Belleville, NJ
Installation of HVAC cooling towers and pumps in Belleville, NJ
Installation of HVAC cooling towers and pumps in Belleville, NJ