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Heating Maintenance in Franklin Lakes, NJ

High-Quality Heating Maintenance in Franklin Lakes, NJ

Need top-quality heating maintenance service in Franklin Lakes, NJ? Trust Integrate Comfort Solutions for the job!

You can count on our team to service all makes and models of heating systems—from furnace and heat pump to boilers and other heating sources. Let us handle all your heating maintenance needs so you can enjoy lasting comfort and efficient operation.

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ICS checklist

Maintenance Checklist for Heating Systems

Your heating system needs regular maintenance so it can maintain its performance and keep your energy costs low. If you don’t know where to start with your heater maintenance, then here’s a checklist you can follow:

Air Filter Replacement

This task is something you can do yourself. But even if it sounds pretty simple, you still might need help from the pros to find the right filter size and type, especially if your heater is new. You can also get recommendations of when to replace the filters.

Experts advise todo air filter replacement once monthly. Check your user’s manual or ask your trusted HVAC company to know how often you should be changing your air filters.

Be Mindful of Your CO Detectors

Carbon monoxide (CO) detectors are devices used to detect harmful gasses inside your living or worming space. Your heating system can be the source of this dangerous gas. If your space doesn’t have the device or your existing ones are not functioning well, then everyone indoor is at risk of carbon monoxide poisoning.

Keep yourself in check of your CO detector—otherwise, costly issues will occur.

Program Your Thermostat

When the winter comes, your thermostat will need some necessary adjustments for optimal comfort and efficiency. You can’t follow the same setting as the ones you have in the summer. Talk with your trusted HVAC company to know the best temperature setting for your space.

Keep Vents and Registers Clear

Start by walking around your home. Check each room and make sure no furniture, rugs, or other materials blocking your return and supply registers. If you see one, then take them away from your register for better airflow. Those obstructions can also affect your system’s efficiency as it needs to exert extra effort to push the air into your living space.

Check the Outdoor Unit

If you are using a heat pump, then maybe you’re aware that it has an exterior component that needs to be checked regularly. Tree branches, growing gasses, falling leaves, and other nearby items can affect your equipment’s heat exchange and proper airflow. Make sure to keep the system clear from any obstruction. Allow two to three feet clearance and clean the outer parts using your garden hose.

We Provide Complete Heating Maintenance!

Integrate Comfort Systems Inc. has a team of skilled and qualified heating specialists who can service your comfort equipment. We provide comprehensive heating maintenance in Franklin Lakes, NJ for any heating systems that you may have.

If you’re in Franklin Lakes, NJ or somewhere nearby, you can expect us to be in your vicinity for professional HVAC services.