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Your HVAC system is a big investment, so it’s a must that you get help only from the most reliable heating and cooling company in your local area. When choosing an HVAC service provider, make sure they have these qualifications:

      • Licensed, bonded, and insured

      • Experienced

      • Carries complete line of HVAC brands

      • High rating and positive reviews online

      • Offers financing and maintenance plan or program

      • Offers emergency HVAC services

Trust Integrate Comfort Systems for your HVAC needs in Franklin Lakes, NJ and the nearby areas. Our knowledgeable and experienced comfort specialists have all your needs covered.

Your comfort equipment will be running fine throughout its lifespan with routine maintenance. Here’s a complete HVAC maintenance checklist from ICS:

      • Clear your outdoor unit from dirt and debris

      • Replace filters as often as needed

      • Check refrigerant level monthly

      • Keep your registers and vents open and free from clogs and blockage

      • Beware of odd noise and smell from your system

      • Schedule regular maintenance with your local HVAC company

Your air conditioner will definitely show signs when it’s time for replacement. Check this out these signs.

      • Your A/C is too old and can’t keep up with your comfort requirements.

      • You spend  a lot on repairs

      • Frequent breakdowns

      • Your home is no longer comfortable as it used to be.

      • You energy bills are unusually high in the past months.