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Customized Fabrication Service in Franklin Lakes, NJ

Integrate Comfort System fabrication

Are you looking for professional fabrication service in Franklin Lakes, NJ? The varying weather conditions in the city can put a lot of strain on your HVAC system at home.

One of the most affected areas is the ductwork, which is used by both the heating and cooling systems. On top of that, each home is different, which means your HVAC contractor should be able to custom fabricate the ductwork as needed.

Types of Ductwork

There are basically three kinds of ductwork constructed into homes. There are sheet metal, fiberglass-lined, and fiber board air ducts.

  1. Sheet Metal Ducts: This is the most commontype of ductwork found in residential buildings. They are made of either aluminium or galvanized steel. Aluminium is the easiest to work with since it is light and easy to install. However, galvanized steel is more durable, though it will require a lot more work to fabricate.

Fiberglass-Lined Ducts: These are also sheet metal ducts but they are outfitted with a fiberglass lining, which makes them more expensive by the way. The fiberglass is used as a type of insulation.

The fiberglass prevents condensation and it also reduces heat loss. This insulation lining is very useful for residents of Franklin Lakes especially during the really cold months from December to March. It helps maintain the heat and also the cold when needed depending on the changing weather conditions.

Fiberglass also helps to improve attenuation. What that means is that it reduces the amount of noise produced by these ducts. They make your heater and air conditioning systems quieter. It dampens the sound and vibration as it were.

Fiberboard Air Ducts: There are some homes in Franklin Lakes that have fiberboard air ducts. They are more expensive compared to plain sheet metal ducts. This type of duct is constructed using inorganic glass fibers and compressed resin boards.

Note that fiberboard ducts provide excellent insulation and reduced attenuation. It is already well-insulated without the need for adding any protective layers. The only downside of fiberboard air ducts is that the boards can become a breeding ground for mildew, molds, and fungi especially during the hot months. The rough characteristic of the fiberboards also tend to restrict air flow.

Why Work with the Best Fabrication Service in Franklin Lakes, NJ?

What you’re looking for a service provider is one that can be found within the vicinity. Your local fabrication company in Franklin Lakes, NJ can go straight to your home, take the necessary measurements, and build your custom ductwork. There is less wait time and they can get things done according to your specifications. 

Our fabrication specialists from Integrate Comfort Systems use state-of-the-art fabrication equipment that gives the best result of any project. You get your money’s worth with every job we do.

On top of that, you get the following benefits when you choose for your fabrication needs:

  • We’re completely able and dependable
  • We’re always available
  • We’re easy to work with

If you need the best HVAC fabrication service in Franklin Lakes, NJ, then call us at 866-749-6331 today to get the best deals in town.