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Best Quality A/C Maintenance in Franklin Lakes, NJ

ICS A/C maintenance

Summer is coming, and you know it’s going to be pretty hot! This makes air conditioners vital to keep your space comfortably cool.  But before you run your unit for the first time, you have to ensure it’s in good working condition to avoid discomfort and downtime. That’s why Integrate Comfort Systems provides professional A/C maintenance in Franklin Lakes, NJ.

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Everything You Need to Know About A/C Maintenance

You need to pay attention to several parts when it comes to air conditioner maintenance, especially when you live in hot and muggy areas like Tulsa. Keep reading!

Air Filters

Air filters will usually require some scheduled maintenance, and from time to time, you may have to do some minor cleaning yourself if you have some DIY skills. If you’re not too sure about that or don’t have the tools to get it done, you have to hire professional help.

Filters get clogged, and they can become filthy fast, especially if you live in hot climate areas like Tulsa. If you feel that the A/C isn’t keeping you as cool as it used to, then the filters are getting clogged and will need some maintenance or replacement.


Coils also collect a lot of dirt and dust after many years of service. The good news is that they don’t need as much maintenance as the filters. You also don’t need to schedule frequent maintenance for these parts as well. You can clean them or hire the pros for a complete service.

Coil Fins

Coil fins are made of aluminum, and they can be found in the evaporator and condenser coils. Sometimes they get bent back accidentally, which can block the airflow going into the coils. This can be quickly inspected and corrected with professional help. Don’t try to fix this part yourself, or else you might break it, and you end up spending more than what is necessary.

Condensate Drains

If the room feels more humid than usual, even with the A/C on, then the condensate drains may be clogged. You can run a stiff wire through the drain safely to get rid of any blockages. But if you’re a bit unsure as to how you’re going to do this, it would be better to call for A/C maintenance in Franklin Lakes, NJ.

Window Seals

Even if your air conditioner is functioning well, air leaks can happen if the seals aren’t tight enough. Your air conditioner has a metal case, and that case should come in close contact with the window frame. The wall seals should be intact, or else the air will leak, causing a higher power bill next month.

Hire a Professional for All Your A/C Maintenance Needs!

Hiring a professional is your best option when it comes to A/C maintenance in Franklin Lakes,NJ. A duly licensed service technician can inspect the parts and conduct adjustments and repairs to restore your system’s function.

If you need professional A/C maintenance in Franklin Lakes, NJ and the nearby areas, call Integrate Comfort Systems at 866-749-6331 today. We get the job done in no time.