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When to Replace Your Air Conditioning System?

If you’re currently using an old A/C, you might be in doubt if it can last until the summer end. Air conditioners typically show some signs that they need a replacement, so you don’t have to guess it all the way.

When you see these signs, then your system can be subject to a replacement:

Old System

Old air conditioners consume more energy than new ones. Also, they are susceptible to frequent breakdown, which increases the risks of downtime and discomfort in your space. If you’re experiencing all these issues with an old cooling system, then it’s worth a replacement.

Frequent Repairs

Are you spending big on recurring A/C services? If YES, then it’s time to assess your expenses and think of a better solution. If the repair expenditures have reached almost have the price of a new system, then it would be wiser to buy and install a new one. An A/C installation in Franklin Lakes, NJ could be a more practical option for this situation.

High Humidity Level

A humid house is something you never wish to experience in the summer. Despite having an A/C working on, high humidity can still occur if your equipment has faulty parts or your duct leaks. Extreme humidity is a sign you need to investigate your cooling system for possible repair or replacement. Bring in a pro to help you assess the situation.   

High Cooling Costs

Power companies made some changes to their prices, but this should not significantly impact your monthly cooling bills. The surging utility costs are often the cause of an inefficient A/C. If your system runs inefficient and seems to be persistent throughout despite all the maintenances and repairs, then it’s best to replace it.

The cost of a new installation may be expensive upfront, but it all can be compensated by lower energy consumption and reduced utility costs.  

Noisy Operation

Are you hearing banging, squealing, or hammering sounds when your cooling system runs? These sounds mean your equipment has electrical or mechanical issues inside it, or it’s old enough and needs a replacement. It only takes a professional technician to get the issues fixed.

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If you experience any of the mentioned problems above, then call the experts right away to investigate and suggest a solution. When you need a new system, the professionals can conduct an in-home inspection, load calculation, and testing to identify the right equipment for you. We can provide you the most comprehensive A/C repair in Franklin Lakes, NJ.

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