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Troubleshooting Guide: Why Is My Rooftop AC Unit Leaking Water?

Rooftop AC Unit Leaking Water

As the summer heat starts to take over, you may have noticed that your rooftop AC unit leaks water. This can be a frustrating problem, especially if you need help figuring out what’s causing it.

As leading field experts, we will help you understand the common causes of a leaking rooftop AC unit and provide tips on fixing it. From a damaged drain pan to a clogged drain line, we’ll cover all the potential reasons for leaks and how to identify them.

Read on to learn more about how you can keep your rooftop AC unit running smoothly all summer long!

How to Troubleshoot a Leaking Rooftop Air Conditioner

When troubleshooting your air conditioning system, it is crucial to remember that seeking professional help is unquestionably the wisest decision.

Professionals in the field possess extensive knowledge, specialized skills, and access to advanced equipment, enabling them to tackle complex AC issues effectively.

By engaging services like ours, at Integrate Comfort Systems, you can experience peace of mind, knowing we will address the problem with precision and efficiency, ensuring optimal performance and safeguarding your unit from further damage.

Our expertise can save you from potential frustration, wasted time, and the risk of exacerbating the situation by attempting amateur troubleshooting methods.

Trusting professionals is the key to reliable and long-lasting solutions for your AC-related concerns. However, here is a list of simple steps to remember for troubleshooting a leaking rooftop AC unit.

  1. Check Seams Around the HVAC Unit for Leaks

It’s crucial to carefully inspect the seams around your HVAC unit for visible cracks or gaps that allow water to seep through. Regular maintenance of your cooling system can prevent leaks and ensure efficient performance. A professional HVAC technician is recommended if you need clarification on diagnosing or repairing problems.

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  1. Determine if Water is Leaking from a Ceiling Tile or Vent

To troubleshoot a leaking rooftop AC unit effectively, it is crucial to identify whether the water leakage originates from a ceiling tile or vent.

If it is from either of them, there might be an underlying issue with your building’s plumbing or roof structure instead of your air conditioning unit.

It would be best to assess the affected site to pinpoint precisely where the water leak originated.

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  1. Investigate if Rain is Affecting Your Rooftop AC Unit

If you suspect your rooftop AC unit is leaking water due to rain, inspect it thoroughly for signs of moisture buildup and ensure the drain pipes are clear of debris. Check for corrosion or damage to the shroud or gasket, which could cause a roof leak.

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Contact an HVAC technician to service your air conditioning system if you cannot identify and repair the issue.

Common Causes of Rooftop Air Conditioner Leaking Water

If your rooftop AC is dripping or leaking water, there are various reasons why it could be happening. Initially, a clog in the condensate drain line might lead to overflowing and leaking.

Moreover, dusty air filters could trigger ice accumulation on the evaporator coil resulting in extra drips. An incorrect installation might give rise to inadequate drainage, causing leakage.

Low refrigerant volumes could freeze the evaporator coil, causing water leakage too. Lastly, regular wear and tear may cause a roof leak issue.

A damaged Drain Pan Can Cause Leaks

Water leaking from your rooftop HVAC unit could result from a damaged or cracked drain pan. This essential component collects and removes condensation, so water drips from the HVAC vent when it is not functioning correctly.

Regular maintenance and inspections can help you identify any issue with the drain pan or clogged drain line before they escalate into an expensive service call.

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A clogged Drain Line Can Lead to Leaks

Regular maintenance and cleaning of your HVAC system’s drain line can prevent a common cause of rooftop AC unit leaks.

Dirt, mold, or debris clogs the drain line over time, which prevents proper water drainage. Preventing clogging saves on costly service calls due to water damage or roof leaks.

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Failed Condensate Pump Can Result in Leaks

A malfunctioning condensate pump is a significant reason for rooftop air conditioner leakages.

When the condensate pump fails, accumulated water flows back into the unit, causing leakage on roofs or buildings. Key signs of a failed pump include unusual sounds and puddles around the air conditioning unit. Consistent HVAC servicing prevents such issues and their attendant water damage.

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Frozen Coil Can Cause Dripping and Leaks

Ignoring regular maintenance of your air conditioning system can lead to leaking and costly water damage. A dirty air filter or low refrigerant levels are common culprits behind a frozen evaporator coil.

Prevent these issues with easy fixes like replacing air filters or scheduling annual service calls. Don’t let humidity and corrosion take over your roof shingles; if you are in New York & New Jersey, contact an experienced roofing contractor, such as Integrate Comfort Systems, for reliable AC repair and maintenance services.

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