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Air Conditioning Mistakes that Lead to Expensive Repairs

Ignoring adequate air conditioning maintenance increases your energy cost, reduces your system’s effectiveness, and damages your system. Avoid these ten famous blunders to enjoy the benefits of your air conditioning system.

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Neglecting Sizing Requirements

Air conditioning systems are carefully sized to accommodate cubic feet in a building by HVAC professionals. When buying a new air conditioner or renovating your home, make sure the unit suits the room properly.

When you install an air conditioner rated for a smaller room than your house, it will work even harder than necessary to cool your room. Overworked air conditioners wear down faster and fail to keep up with the thermostat’s demands. An air conditioner meant for a bigger room will continuously cycle, getting unreliable over time.

Taking the Air Filter for Granted

Your air filters keep pollen, allergens, and other contaminants from entering your home. These light cardboard-and-wire structures must be replaced daily. After about six months, the filter gets so clogged with soil that air has a hard time getting in, and the unit can no longer perform its function.

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Simply removing a dirty filter will reduce your air conditioner’s energy consumption by five to fifteen percent. Remember to inspect and replace it during dusty tasks such as washing ductwork, a significant demolition, or refinishing a wood floor.

Your Thermostat Isn’t Up to Date

You could scoff at programmable thermostats in today’s technological world, but that doesn’t imply you shouldn’t have one. Programmable thermostats enable you to adjust temperatures for different periods of the day, saving you money and allowing you to manage your cooling without having to monitor it constantly.

Many smart thermostats, such as Google’s Nest, will study your home’s routines and adjust the temperature to match repeat schedules. It also has an interface that helps you to adjust the temperature.

Leaving the Drain Unchecked

Many air conditioning units have drains that absorb condensation and channel it outside of the home, preventing moisture problems. These drains are mostly overlooked, but they play a significant role. A clogged and overflowing drain is poor enough for the air conditioning system, and it’s much worse for the floors and walls behind it, which may be permanently damaged.

So keep your drain line tidy and try snaking it with a wire once or twice a year to prevent gunk buildup. Contact your local HVAC experts for emergency A/C repair in Belleville, NJ.

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