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My Heater Smells Like it’s Burning! What Does it Mean?

My Heater Smells Like it's Burning! What Does it Mean?

Smells toasty? If it’s bread, then it’s good, but if it’s your furnace that smells like one—that’s something you should be worried about.

Although most furnace odors are rarely dangerous, it doesn’t mean that all is well. Whatever the smell, it’s always worth investigating.

Let’s figure out what causes the burning smell in your heater in this post!

Clogged Air Filters

It’s especially important to replace your filters when using your heater. Doing this prevents the dust and dirt from accumulating on the filters, thus causing that burning smell as the heat passes through the filter. The solution is simple—you just have to change the filters.

Proximity of a Flammable Object

After months of disuse, you might have placed some flammable objects near your furnace. Anything nearby your heater may cause a burning smell once the heat is on.

These objects can be your kids’ toys, a rug, or a misplaced device. Whether it’s plastic, fabric, or other devices, make sure they’re not near your heating unit. Secure plenty of distance between your heater and these objects to avoid detrimental circumstances.

Burnt Electrical Wires

If it smells like burning electrical wires, then you have a serious issue at hand. What causes this smell is an overheated blower motor. With the motor damaged or malfunctioning, your furnace can become dangerously hot. This is a potentially dangerous problem that only a trusted HVAC contractor in Belleville, NJ can solve.

 Presence of Mold

Yes, you read it right! A burning smell from your furnace may be due to mold and mildew formation. Changing your dirty filters can be a solution. But if the smell persists, you might need to schedule a home duct cleaning to eliminate all bacterial growth from your system.

Aside from a burning smell, you may also encounter a smoky or oily odor, or something that’s similar to gunpowder. These are all signs of a serious problem that you should consult with a certified heating specialist.

At any situation where you noticed a burning smell from your furnace, don’t hesitate to contact our heating pros at Integrate Comfort Solutions.