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Home in Mendham NJ , Changed 9 Different Ducted Zones

Nestled in Mendham, NJ, this sprawling 10,000 sq. ft. estate boasted grandeur but was burdened by outdated AC systems and a costly oil heating system. Determined to modernize and reduce reliance on oil, the homeowner sought an efficient solution to upgrade their HVAC systems. With a desire to enhance comfort and minimize expenses, the stage was set for a transformative renovation that would elevate both luxury and sustainability.

The Problem: The client’s estate in Mendham, NJ, was burdened by outdated AC systems and a costly oil heating system, leading to discomfort and high expenses. The homeowner desired to transition away from oil dependency due to its financial and environmental implications.

The Solution: To address the issues, ICS embarked on a comprehensive HVAC renovation. They replaced nine different ducted zones with high-efficiency heat pump systems, effectively eliminating the reliance on costly oil heating. Additionally, strategically adding ductless zones enhanced comfort throughout the house and rectified areas where existing ducts failed to deliver sufficient airflow. This strategic upgrade not only improved comfort but also significantly reduced energy costs and environmental impact, aligning perfectly with the client’s goals.


Following the HVAC renovation by ICS, the homeowner of the Mendham, NJ estate experienced a multitude of benefits. Firstly, the transition away from the outdated and costly oil heating system to high-efficiency heat pumps significantly reduced dependency on oil, leading to substantial savings and a reduced environmental footprint. Additionally, the strategic replacement of nine ducted zones and addition of ductless zones ensured enhanced comfort throughout the expansive estate, addressing airflow issues and providing consistent temperatures in every area. Moreover, the energy-efficient HVAC systems resulted in lower energy costs compared to the previous setup, translating to considerable savings on utility bills for the homeowner. Furthermore, the modern systems offered improved indoor air quality, contributing to a healthier living environment for the occupants. Overall, the HVAC renovation not only improved comfort and affordability but also promoted sustainability, aligning perfectly with the homeowner’s goals and enhancing the overall quality of life in the estate.