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Home In Maplewood NJ, installed (2) Hyper Heat systems

In the heart of Maplewood, NJ, stands a majestic 1920s Colonial home, spanning an impressive 3800 square feet. Stepping onto the meticulously manicured grounds, one is immediately struck by the timeless elegance and historic charm that radiates from every corner of this distinguished residence. As you approach the front door, the classic architectural details, including the stately columns and intricate brickwork, hint at the grandeur within. Upon entry, the interior unfolds with a seamless blend of original features and modern upgrades, from the gleaming hardwood floors to the ornate crown molding adorning the ceilings. With spacious living areas bathed in natural light, a gourmet kitchen equipped with state-of-the-art appliances, and luxurious bedrooms providing sanctuary at day’s end, this home offers a perfect balance of comfort and sophistication. Outside, the expansive backyard offers endless possibilities for outdoor recreation and entertaining, making it an idyllic haven for both relaxation and celebration. With its rich history and timeless allure, this Colonial gem epitomizes the quintessential charm of Maplewood living.

The Problem: The home’s outdated steam boiler system had been decommissioned, leaving the occupants without a reliable source of heating. Additionally, the existing setup did not adequately distribute heat throughout the different levels of the house, resulting in uneven temperatures and discomfort.

The Solution: To address these issues, the decision was made to install two Hyper Heat systems as the primary source of heating. This involved incorporating four ductless units on the upper two levels and implementing a ducted system for the lower level, complete with new ductwork. This comprehensive solution ensures efficient heating throughout the home, with the Hyper Heat systems offering advanced technology for optimal comfort and energy efficiency.


Following the installation of the Hyper Heat systems and new ductwork, the home now enjoys reliable and efficient heating throughout all levels. The decommissioned steam boiler system has been replaced, eliminating the discomfort of uneven temperatures and ensuring consistent warmth across the entire house. Additionally, the advanced technology of the Hyper Heat systems results in improved energy efficiency, potentially leading to cost savings on heating bills. Moreover, the addition of ductless units on the upper levels provides customizable heating options for individual rooms, enhancing comfort and flexibility for the occupants. Overall, this comprehensive heating upgrade not only enhances comfort but also modernizes the home’s heating infrastructure, increasing its value and livability.