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Unbeatable Heating Repair in Basking Ridge, NJ

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Heating systems account for almost half of the energy consumption of a regular or average household. This can even go higher if your heater has malfunctioned or is not functioning optimally. The worst scenario would be that your heater would break down at the coldest season of the year; that’s your cue to call on heating repair in Basking Ridge, NJ.

Paying Attention to Cues of Heating Problems

If you are using natural gas for your heating system, you must be very sensitive to the sudden and strange odor you smell. A natural gas leak is easy to detect because of the smell of methane, which smells sulfuric or similar to the smell of rotten eggs.

Methane is odorless, but its chemical components make it smell distinctly or recognizably. It’s also flammable and toxic, which may cause several health problems like suffocation, nausea, and vomiting.

When your heater stops working, and your house smells weird, then you have to leave the area right away. Call on heating repair in Basking Ridge, NJ regarding a potential leak.

How to Prevent Breakdowns in Your Heating System

You can implement simple preventive maintenance at home, which can help avoid or prevent your heating system’s breakdowns and boost its efficiency or performance level. Here are some tasks to get you started:

  • Keep Heating Systems Clean. Please don’t allow your air filters to get too dirty or congested before you clean them up because it can restrict proper airflow, which can cause overheating. Cleaning your heating system regularly will help you maintain its cleanliness with ease than waiting for the air filter to get clogged with grime and dirt. With a clean air filter, you don’t just minimize energy use by as much as 20%, but you also help promote better indoor air quality for you and your family’s health.
  • Inspect Air Filters Once a Month. Make it a habit to check on your air filters at least once a month, so you will know if it needs a simple cleaning, routine preventive maintenance, or heating repair.

If you own pets, it is recommended to clean your air filters more often, especially if your home is near a busy road because it’s more prone to pollution and dirt.

  • Make Sure to Get Rid of Any Blocks in Your Heating Units. Check on your heating system’s indoor and outdoor units to make sure that it’s free from any blockage. There should be no furniture or anything that blocks your indoor unit. Keep a safe distance of at least two feet to ensure proper airflow and avoid overheating dangers. Ensure that the outdoor heating units are also free from any blockages caused by leaves and tall grasses.

You don’t need to endure suffering from the cold. If your heater suddenly malfunctions in the middle of the night, you don’t have to wait in the morning. Well, not on our watch!

Call on our HVAC specialists to provide you that 5-star service experience at 866-749-6331 at Integrate Comfort Systems where we perform emergency heating repair in Basking Ridge, NJ and nearby areas.