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Home in Randolph NJ, installed 2 indoor ductless zones.

The heating and cooling system in the 2700 square foot 1960’s bi-level in Randolph, NJ, falls short of adequate. This deficiency compromises comfort and energy efficiency, urging a need for upgrades or improvements to ensure a more balanced and climate-controlled environment throughout the home. 

Recognizing the need for enhanced comfort, an integrated system has been installed in the home. This system features two indoor ductless zones connected to a Hyper Heat unit, ensuring efficient and effective heating and cooling distribution throughout the space. With this upgrade, the home in Randolph, NJ, now boasts a more balanced and climate-controlled environment, providing occupants with greater comfort and energy savings.

The Problem: The house faced challenges with rooms situated far away from the ducted heating and cooling system, leading to uneven temperature distribution and discomfort for occupants.

The Solution: To address this issue, ICS (Integrated Comfort System) implemented a solution by installing two indoor ductless zones connected to a Hyper Heat unit. This setup ensures proper heating and cooling throughout the home, including those distant rooms, resulting in improved comfort and climate control for all occupants. 


Following the installation of the two indoor ductless zones on a Hyper Heat unit, the home now enjoys consistent and reliable heating and cooling even in rooms distant from the central system. This enhancement not only increases comfort levels for occupants throughout the house but also promotes energy efficiency by targeting heating and cooling precisely where it’s needed, ultimately leading to potential cost savings on utility bills. Additionally, the upgraded system contributes to a more harmonious indoor environment, eliminating temperature disparities and ensuring a comfortable living space year-round. With improved climate control, occupants can now fully utilize every area of the home, enhancing its overall functionality and livability. Moreover, the modernized heating and cooling setup adds value to the property, making it more appealing to potential buyers in the future.