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Apartment in Middton Modern, NY, Replaced several water source heat pump units

Nestled in the heart of New York City’s vibrant Middton Modern Apartment complex, ICS undertook a transformative project to elevate comfort and control throughout the space. Faced with outdated water source heat pump units, ICS implemented a comprehensive solution by replacing them with modern alternatives. To further enhance efficiency and convenience, cutting-edge ecobee controls with wireless sensors were installed, offering residents unprecedented control over their indoor environment. This upgrade not only ensures optimal comfort but also reflects a commitment to sustainability and innovation, setting a new standard for modern living in the bustling metropolis of New York City.

The Problem: The Middton Modern Apartment complex in New York City faced issues with outdated water source heat pump units, leading to discomfort and inefficient temperature control throughout the space. Residents experienced inconsistent heating and cooling, resulting in a subpar living environment.

The Solution: To address these issues, ICS undertook a comprehensive renovation project. They replaced the outdated water source heat pump units with modern alternatives, ensuring more efficient and reliable heating and cooling. Additionally, ICS installed state-of-the-art ecobee controls with wireless sensors throughout the space. These controls allowed for precise temperature adjustments and enhanced control over the HVAC system, providing residents with a comfortable and customizable indoor environment. This integrated solution not only resolved the existing problems but also improved the overall comfort and controllability of the entire space, enhancing the living experience for residents of the Middton Modern Apartment complex.


Following the installation by ICS, residents of the Middton Modern Apartment complex experienced a multitude of benefits. Firstly, the replacement of outdated water source heat pump units and the installation of modern ecobee controls with wireless sensors resulted in a significant enhancement of comfort throughout the entire space. Residents enjoyed consistent heating and cooling year-round, ensuring a pleasant indoor environment free from temperature fluctuations. Moreover, the modernization of the HVAC system led to improved energy efficiency, with residents benefiting from reduced energy consumption and lower utility bills. The ecobee controls offered residents greater control over their indoor environment, allowing them to adjust settings remotely via smartphone for personalized comfort and convenience. Additionally, the installation aligned with sustainable practices, promoting eco-friendly living and reducing the environmental footprint of the apartment complex. Overall, the comprehensive installation by ICS significantly elevated the living experience for residents, providing them with a more comfortable, energy-efficient, and controllable living space in the heart of New York City’s Middton Modern Apartment complex.