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Apartment in Jersey City, NJ, Overcoming Cooling Challenges with Ductless Zones

In Jersey City NJ, a lower-level individual apartment faced considerable cooling challenges due to the inability to add ductwork and limited window space. Relying solely on a single window AC unit left the family struggling to maintain proper air conditioning. Recognizing the urgency, ICS swiftly intervened, overcoming the tough and challenging space by installing (2) ductless wall-mounted zones. This innovative solution not only addressed the cooling needs effectively but was also executed with remarkable speed, ensuring comfort and relief just before a major heat wave hit the area.

The Problem: Inadequate Cooling Setup: The lower-level individual apartment in Jersey City faced a significant cooling challenge. With no option to install ductwork and limited window space, the family struggled to adequately air condition their living space, relying solely on a single window AC unit.

The Solution: Innovative Ductless Cooling Solution: Recognizing the urgency of the situation, ICS swiftly implemented a solution by installing (2) ductless wall-mounted zones. Despite the tough and challenging space constraints, this innovative approach effectively addressed the cooling needs of the apartment. Acting with remarkable speed, the project was successfully completed just before a major heat wave, ensuring comfort and relief for the residents.


The installation of (2) ductless wall-mounted zones by ICS significantly improves the cooling comfort within the individual apartment, overcoming the limitations of ductwork and limited window space. This enhances the overall comfort of the family living in the apartment.

Additionally, the implementation of ductless wall-mounted zones enhances the apartment’s air quality, providing a healthier living environment for the residents.

The modern ductless wall-mounted zones offer improved energy efficiency compared to the single window AC unit, potentially leading to energy savings for the family in the long run.

ICS’s prompt action and efficient project completion right before a major heat wave ensure immediate relief and comfort for the residents, minimizing discomfort during periods of extreme temperatures.

By installing ductless wall-mounted zones, ICS provides a customized cooling solution that meets the specific needs and challenges of the tough and challenging space, enhancing overall satisfaction and convenience for the family.