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Nothing beats the frustration when you have to deal with a malfunctioning air conditioner on a hot summer day. Almost everything makes you uncomfortable, from being sweaty to having no idea of what to do with your air conditioning system. Not to mention, summer is the time of the year when people rely heavily on their cooling equipment.

Don’t worry, though. Integrate Comfort Systems is here to save the day. We’ll deploy our experts immediately to get your system up and running again.

How to Know if Your Capacitor is Malfunctioning

If your air conditioner isn’t running correctly, you may be curious about what’s causing the problem, and how much it’ll cost to repair it. Although there may be a variety of causes, a defective capacitor is a typical one. So, what are the telltale indications that it’s broken?

Your A/C Takes a While to Start

Your A/C capacitor is responsible for the initial energy needed for your system to begin operating. If your cooling equipment is struggling to start, it may be due to a broken or malfunctioning capacitor.

It’s a good idea to call for an expert’s help with your cooling system. They have more comprehensive knowledge, and they have the skills to accomplish the task.

It Shuts Off on its Own

Your system’s capacitor is in charge of supplying the electricity that your air conditioner needs to continue operating until you switching it on. If your air conditioning system shuts down at random, it’s possible that the capacitor has failed and is no longer capable of supplying the constant charge.

Your System is Making Odd Sounds

A grinding or buzzing tone from the air conditioner indicates that the engine is failing. If the capacitor fails, the motor will still try to run, but it will overwork and flame out without the requisite fuel, causing significant harm and a hefty price tag. You should call an expert immediately to check up on your system.

It’s Not Working Properly

If the capacitor has failed, the AC unit’s motor will not get the fuel, and the air conditioner will not start at all. Calling an expert for help is the wisest thing to do for your faulty A/C capacitor. They’ll know what should be done with your system to get it working correctly again.

A/C Fan Stopped Working

A poor capacitor might be to blame if your AC unit’s fan stops spinning right through it’s switched on. You should do the following to see if a defective capacitor causes the fan problem:

  • Take a stroll outside to the AC condenser system (the sizeable outdoor box).
  • If the air conditioner is switched on, but the fan isn’t turning, press one of the fan blades with a long branch.
  • If the system starts up after a bit of press, the problem is almost definitely a poor capacitor.

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