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Replacing Air Filter by ICS HVAC

Are you getting tired of the frequent repairs for your old air conditioning unit? Maybe you need to upgrade your home comfort with a new cooling system? When it comes to A/C installation in Bedminster, NJ, you don’t want to let just anybody install your new system.

That’s why Integrate Comfort Systems’ experts are here. We take pride in our technicians’ certification and skills to back our air conditioning installation projects. With our services, we’ll meet your expectations while guaranteeing 100 percent customer satisfaction.

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Understanding Your Central Air Conditioning System’s Components

Central air conditioners have many essential components that create cold, dry air for household comfort on hot days. Understanding how each of these components interacts with one another and how to identify problems may help you keep your central air conditioning system running smoothly year after year.

Here are the main components of your air conditioning system:

Condenser Unit

An outside condenser and an interior evaporator are the two primary components of central air conditioning systems. The outside condenser is enclosed in a metal box with airflow directed by slats called fins along the sides. Condensers are usually found alongside your house on a concrete pad, although they may also be found on your roof.

 When the evaporator removes heat from your interior air, it is absorbed by a refrigerant and transferred to the condenser. The refrigerant is injected back into your house once it has released its heat to restart the cooling process.

Evaporator Unit

The air conditioner’s evaporator unit pulls air over the evaporator coil inside your house. The refrigerant is contained in this coil, which absorbs heat from the air to cool it. An air handler blows the cooled air via your ducts once it has been cooled.

Your HVAC expert should clean your evaporator during routine maintenance visits; also, replacing the air filter in your air conditioner’s intake regularly can help keep the system clean and minimize strain on the blower motor by increasing airflow.


Central air conditioning systems use ductwork to distribute cooled air throughout your house. Your air handler blows cooled air into a central duct, which branches out into each conditioned room in your house. Air registers have movable grilles that may be opened or closed to allow for more or less airflow, where ducts come to an end.


The thermostat controls your home’s central cooling system. By comparing your set temperature to the ambient temperature in your house, your thermostat tells your air conditioner to turn on based on your temperature setting.

Thermostats should be installed in a location away from any air registers that may influence the temperature reading. It may become problematic with your thermostat if your air conditioner runs too frequently or not often enough.

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